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I began writing poetry at the age of fourteen as a form of self-expression and escape from my world of reality while living in a foster home with four of my five biological siblings. Some of the poems written in my first three published books were written without thought while others were written as a form of communication without the element of viable verbal interaction. 

Through poetry I learned that it was okay to be upset, smile, laugh, cry and to simply live. We can intertwine and cross what's real with fantasy ... if only just for that moment in time. It invites readers to incorporate their thoughts and emotions into the words, creating the opportunity for temporary breaks from everyday life encounters and a chance to explore another self help books of life intervention. 

I grew up learning and believing that children weren't always meant to be seen or heard, and so I learned to be creative in my invisibility while hiding in plain sight. My poetry books about life allowed me an out in order to somehow feel connected to something during occasional periods of solitude. 

I have lived in Alaska for a total of over twenty-nine years with my husband of over forty years. Together we have four adult children with an inclusive extended family for a total of eight grandchildren, six  of which live in Alaska.

I view poetry as providing a brief therapeutic relief from everyday worries and stress. 

Book I: "This ... Is About Life, Cherish Your Beginning;" introduces the reader to taking chances as seen through the eyes and world of an adolescent young woman in the early seventies as she assesses her life and learns to "Cherish Her Beginnings." We cannot change all that happens in our lives, only learn from the lessons once experienced.

Book II: "This ... Is About Life, Fulfill Your Dreams;" encourages the readers to dare to dream and complete their life goals. We can choose to limit ourselves and our dreams, or choose to go beyond even our greatest hopes and expectations in order to realize what we are truly capable of achieving. 

Book III: "This ... Is About Life, Determine Your Outcome;" Is for everyone looking to the future for life ventures obtained and those yet to be encountered.  Sitting on the sidelines of life is an option, but being involved in the outcome is a much better solution. 

 As a poet and author, I find that my brain is seldom "at rest", I'm always thinking up ideas to write about. It wasn't until after I completed my military obligation to the USAF that I completed my Associates degree at Anchorage Community College, Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Science degrees at Eastern Illinois University and Chemical Dependency Certification at the College of Great Falls. All four of my children were present to see me receive each of the degrees. During my  career, I was employed as a substance Abuse Counselor, Youth at Risk Counselor, and later as a Licensed Professional Counselor. 

I believe that much of what I have achieved in life has to do with God's presence in my beginning, my dreams, and my self-determination. Therefore, I find that I write through Faith, Hope and Love because I "cannot not write."  I remain hopeful that my life help books, and self help book information will benefit those seeking healing books for additional life guidance and self-affirmation.