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About Life

This…Is About Life
Cherish Your Beginning

Most of this book’s poems are about taking an opportunity to reflect on life and seeing “Every life as cherished.” These poems are meant to encourage while sharing the idea of Hope and Inspiration to the readers regardless of age or ability.

Some of the poems in this book were written without thought, while others were written as a form of communication without the element of verbal interaction.

This…Is About Life
Fulfill Your Dreams

Many of the poems in this book encourage those who not only “Dare to Dream” but are willing to take a chance even when feeling the odds are against them. We must learn that although there can be lasting pain in life, there is also the element of healing and forgiveness.

In my dreams, I break through the barriers and speak of the good I perceive
I allow my brain the freedom to formulate and express what I someday hope to achieve.

About Life
About Life

This …Is About Life
Determine Your Outcome

For everyone looking to the future without hesitation of heart or mind.

Limitations within reason are often limited only by choice. Your destination is your own, making your outcome complete. What are your limitations in determining your outcome? Perhaps there are none?

The poems in this book invite the readers to incorporate their thoughts and emotions into the words, creating an opportunity for temporary breaks from everyday life encounters.