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Podcast: Finding Healing

 I recently did a podcast with The Grass Gets Greener on finding healing and would love for you to listen. Click the button below to check it out! 

My Writing style is ...

My writing style is a compilation of my complicated self. When writing poetry, it's important to me that I write about what I know about and that I write from the heart through my healing books. My ultimate hope is for the reader to have an  opportunity to read my words and in turn make it their own. 

I find that with my poetry, I'm writing more in "Free  Verse"  than in any other style, with no rules other than my own, which better supports my creativity. There are many poems in these first three life help books of poetry encompassing "This ... Is About Life." The poems vary from the styles of Sonnet; Emotion; Limerick; and Narrative with an inclusion of several Biographical poems. I consider myself to be eclectic in my writing  approach with an assortment of interests in  people and every day life.

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